Twelve Ways To Look Slimmer Instantly

Published: 01st October 2005
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Twelve Ways To Look Slimmer Instantly
Copyright ' 2005 Liz Beresford
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Do you have at least one garment in your closet that you never
wear because it makes you look fat? Maybe you take it out and try
it on every now and then but it still doesn't flatter. It doesn't
matter what you weigh you can easily make yourself look fat with
the wrong clothes. Learn these basic camouflage rules and you'll
never make the same mistake again.

1. Avoid anything stiff. A stiff garment forms a square box
around you. It doesn't fall into flattering loose folds but
stands out on its own making even skinny people look large.
Having a shape is important whatever your size.

2. The same goes for the large tents that we try to camouflage
ourselves in. It doesn't work we just look larger. Shape is

3. Other than in your accessories don't wear anything shiny.
Shiny is great for jewelry, bags, decorative motifs, scarves,
but not for a whole garment. Shine reflects the light making
you look bigger and showing every curve and bump.

4. You know about avoiding horizontal stripes but are you aware
of hidden stripes? A belt in a contrasting shade, large top
pockets, contrasting ribbing on the bottom of a jersey?
These are all stripes and can make you look larger than you
wish. Look carefully at a garment to check for these design
traps and avoid them.

5. Conversely, subtle vertical stripes are (usually) your
friend. Find them in a garment's style and stitching,
a deeply cut V-necked jacket, a silk scarf hanging loosely,
long beads, the drape of pants or skirt etc.

6. But vertical stripes on tightly clinging leggings or pants
are not flattering. The stripes follow your curves,
emphasizing them cruelly.

7. Avoid bulky fabrics such as quilted parkas- these often
offend on two counts, one by horizontally machined quilting
and another by too much padding. They look enormous and so
does anyone who wears them. Thick mohair jumpers are another
fattener. Thinner fabrics, such as polar fleece, can be
equally warm so there is no need to bulk up.

8. On the other hand don't buy cheap thin fabrics. A fabric
must have enough body to hang well rather than clinging.
Even T-Shirts in cheap thin fabrics look dreadful and they
don't last as long so are not really cheaper. Buy fewer
and buy quality.

9. Monochrome dressing is slimming and elegant. Dress in one
color from top to toe, preferably a dark neutral. For
interest vary textures or add color in your accessories.
A plain black outfit with a turquoise silk scarf or bright
pink earrings for example.

10. Don't wear frills and ruffles if you have passed your 10th
birthday. They add bulk and look tacky.

11. Beware of clothes that are too small, they are fattening.
Not only are they unflattering but wearing them makes you
feel fat all day. If a garment is tight chuck it out or
pack it away until it fits again.

12. If you have put on a pound or two don't forget to check
your bra. Does it still fit? Its so easy to forget and to
keep wearing a bra that fitted once. Badly fitting bras
create horrible bulges across your back, treat yourself
to a new one.

If you bear these tips in mind when shopping for clothes you
will have a much better chance of losing a pound or two and
looking great.

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This article was written by Liz Beresford. Liz is a registered
nurse and owns and operates where you
can find news and up to date information about various weight
loss diets and supplements.

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